Veckans ämne / Vad är rätt i barnuppfostran?

Topic of the Week: What is good parenting?

This week we will discuss some of the evidence and mental health findings concerning effective parenting. Most parents use their own childhood and anecdotal experiences gathered through early adulthood as a guide. Unfortunately, many parents did not grow up with a proper blue print for effective parenting and may get lost with reactive thinking. “I don’t want to do what my father/mother did to me.” Others may at times over-identify with their own childhood. “Honey, I am spanking our child because I was spanked and I turned out well.”

This week’s topic, like our last, is so broad we will not cover a large part of it. Readers of the blog will learn a bit about what researchers have shown concerning parenting and some of the ongoing controversies as well. Charlotte will add a few personal touches. Feel free to add comments, personal stories/views, or ask questions.

Postat av: Anonym

Hur kan jag hjälpa mitt barn att utveckla en god självkänsla?

2008-12-03 @ 01:20:06
Postat av: Charlotte Lacy

Tack för din fråga! Vilken ålder är ditt barn? Vi kommer besvara din fråga inom kort.



2008-12-03 @ 13:05:56
Postat av: Anonym

Min dotter fyller snart 8 år. Tack på förhand ;)

2008-12-03 @ 21:49:34

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