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When writing on medical topics, a few issues are important to address directly, conveniently laid out by the Health on the Net Foundation.

Medical authority and complementarity, or, "I'm not your doctor"

This blog does not offer medical advice.  We can not offer personal advice that is in any way similar to that which may be given in a therapeutic clinical encounter. Our posts are intended to provide background education on mental health topics/research and a platform for public discussion.  Our posts represent our own opinions, thoughts, etc.; neither our hospitals, partners, universities, nor anyone else has approved of anything we write. Our writings do not claim to represent anyone's opinions but the author. The information in our posts is intended for educational and discussion purposes only and not as recommendations on how to diagnose or treat illnesses

One of our authors is a board-certified Adult psychiatrist and board-eligible Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist.  The other author is a highly opinionated Swedish woman.  Any significant personal medical or psychiatric issues the reader may have should be referred to the reader's physician or mental health provider.

Intended Audience

This blog has a variety of posts written at varying levels of complexity. We have readers from high school to 80 yrs old. Readers have indicated many levels of education from high school to doctorates. All are welcome. Some people will find some posts too simplistic, others too complex.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Confidentiality is more important than any other principle in medical writing. I always change significant data about clinical cases, which can include gender, place, temporal relationships, and other potentially identifying data. Cases are often amalgams of different patients' stories.

Please remember that any information you submit through comments or email are inherently un-secure.
Type whatever you will, but your email or comment may become the subject of a new post. I will do what I can to keep personal emails info off the site. 

Advertising, funding, and compensation has their own ads that go on the site automatically.  Currently, we receive no other pay, funding, or compensation for the blogg.  Just our own entertainment.

Contact info

All of the authors have a short bio on the site.  We can be contacted via email through the site.  If you have anything mean things to say we prefer email above public comment…


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